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I am a public safety officer, CERT member, and involved citizen of Carson. I graduated, recently, from Stanford University OHS and I am currently studying Public Policy and Finance at Loyola Marymount University. 

I am running to build an incident aware community, prepared to act in cases of public emergency; to increase educational opportunities and occupational experiences, particularly among high school students; and to see Carson’s tradition merged with an unprecedented, fresh ingenuity

As a public safety officer for the past three years, I been shown, through eyes of Long Beach Search & Rescue, FEMA, and McCormick Ambulance Co., the working knowledge of the public safety system and the need for public understanding and the ability to respond adequately in emergency situations. 

Improvements to the community’s knowledge of public safety as a system is important to me; which led me to write legislative bill text in Sacramento for the State Senate aimed at creating curriculum to educate citizens on matters of public safety 

As an individual who held over half a dozen professional licenses by the age of 18, I’m a strong candidate for promoting professional and educational development among youth. 


Please vote Nafis Muhammad for Carson City Council!

Committee to Elect Nafis Muhammad
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